Absolute™ 1D


  • High quality glass fibre media
  • High mechanical strength
  • Rigid design
  • High efficiency
  • High dust holding capacity

HEPA Filter for standard applications 

Box Filter


Polyurethane, endless foamed

Glass fiber 




2x Initial pressure drop 



 FKB, FKB/D, CamBox 

All filter tested acc. EN 1822:2009. Other editions on request 

Absolute Filter 1D/1E, available in filter class H13 in accordance with EN 1822, is typically used in the final filtration stage in food processing and pharmaceutical, medical equipment and electronic products manufacturing.

  • High performance glass-fibre material
  • High mechanical strength due to compact construction
  • Efficiencies on high values H13/H14 according to EN 1822
  • Frame material: 1D: plywood (12 layers); 1E: galvanized steel
  • Endless, foamed polyurethane gasket
  • Withstands temperature up to 110°C, humidity 100% R.H.

The filter is individually tested according to DIN EN 1822 and a protocol is delivered with each filter