Piston depositor for aerated masses

Thanks to new AILP technology, the AeroCore is suitable especially for dosing aerated pressurized masses: keeping the pistons “always in line “, both in the suction both in the dosing phase of the product, allows to eliminate all the pressure drops caused by changes of direction of material flow.


The AILP concept indeed ensures to the AeroCore an extreme precision in the dosing phase, even at high pressures (the AeroCore could work up to 8 bar), guaranteeing a great result also onto small pralines.


The AeroCore takes advantages of all the features of the standard Core, a completely removable and modular depositor, electronically driven, whose dosing groups are assembled on sliding guides for easy removal for cleaning and replacement.


Like the Core, it has been designed for tool-less replacement of the whole group (piston block, hopper, dosing plate and minipallet), allowing production change in less than 10 min.

The special configuration of the Core (and the AeroCore, too) allows no contamination between different productions (white/dark chocolate,water/fat based cream or point/ribbon depositing), achievable only with one depositor, avoiding extended downtimes.

Like the Core, the AeroCore depositor can be equipped with different depositing tools:

– Point depositing equipment

– Point depositing special equipment for mixed chocolate & small ingredients

– One shot

– Ribbon depositing equipment

– Sliding knives equipment

Speed: up to 25 cycles/min