The BT-150 is the simplest and most compact in our catalog of machines to produce stick-packs.

It is the ideal piece of equipment for projects where a very high output, such as pharmaceutical companies, or sampling campaigns, is not required.

Its simple structure makes the BT-150 a machine that is very easy to use and requires very little maintenance, but without compromising on producing high-quality sticks.

Same as happens with the rest of machines in our catalog, this one can be equipped with a wide range of dosing systems allowing producing sitcks containing any kind of product no matter if they are granules, powders, liquids or viscous.

The BT-150 family is produced as standard with a chassis made entirely of stainless steel AISI-304, and can be equipped with pneumatic or motorized transmission. The PLC, the touch-screen panel, and the automatic print centering by photocell are also components that the BT-150 includes as standard.

Noise level< 70 dB 
 Power consumption4 kW/h 
 Compressed air consumption200 l/min 
 Lanes1 a 4 
 Output per laneUp to 60 
 Max. usable sealing width150 mm 
 Sachet sizeLength min/max: 40/200 mm
Width min/max: 10/65 mm


Same as with all our packaging machines, the BT-150 family can be equipped with any of the several dosing systems available in our catalog in order to pack any kind of product required.