Confectionery - Aseptic creams and puddings Process description of aseptic creams and puddinga

Pudding are mixes emulsion of water, sucrose, corn syroup, milk, fats, chocolate, emulsifier.
The ingredients, metered with flow meters or weighted, are betched in the mixes for mix preparation; a recirculatyon system through the vertical SSHE provides for mix pre-heating. 
The centrifugal pump transfers the mix in the Buffer tank, from which the High pressure Piston Pump feeds the series of Tubolar Heat Exchangers designed for the UHTsterilization and cooling.
The sterile product is then continuonsly delivered to any aseptic Filling equipment.
The plant can be designed and exactly taylared for any unique technology and requirement of the client.

– Batch preparation of Pudding Mix, continuous UHT sterilization and cooling.
– At each stage of heating, the temperature can be set at the desired level and will be precisely maintained.
– System designed to provide maximum protection at finished product tasate, texture and consistency.
– Different automation levels are designed according to particular needs.
– All equipment designed for CIP cleaning, no need to disassemble any parts.
– Automation accomplished through the use of PLC interfaced with a videographic system, is available to satisfactorily monitor the most complex processes.
– Packaged unit preassembled and tested at Soren’s premises.

– Dissolver model ASA for mix preparation
– SSHE mix pre-heater model VT
– Centrifugal sanitary pumps
– High pressure piston pumps
– Tubolar coiled heat exchanger model STS for sterilizing / cooling
– CIP cleaning station

– Production capacity: 250 to 3.000 Kg/h
– Process duty : 5 – 143 – 35/25°C