Confectionery - Filling creams Process description of filling creams

The filling creams are mixes-emulsions of water, sucrose, corn syroup, milk, fats (butter or vegetable), chocolate, fruits, emulsifier. The ingredients, metered with flow meters or weighted, are batched in the mixer for mix preparation.
Solid fats (butter, palm oil…) must be melted before metering. The mix is then transferred into a buffer tank, jacketed for hot water with agitator. Due to the high product viscosity, positive pumps are used to transfer the product in a continuous flow to the pasteurizing and cooling/crystallizing Swept Surface Heat Exchangers.
During this operation nitrogen or filtered air can be injected in the product.
The finished cream can be directly spreaded over the product or filled into containers for distribution.The plant can be designed and exactly taylared for any unique technology and requirement of the client.

– Batch mix preparation; continuous pasteurization and cooling/crystallization.
– Different automation levels are designed according to particular needs.
– Various time/temperature parameters according to product requirements.
– Possibility of product sterilizing with no alteration of its organoleptic quality.
– All equipment designed for CIP cleaning; no need to disassemble any parts.
– Automation accomplished through the use of PLC interfaced with a videographic system, is available to satisfactorily monitor the most complex processes.
– Packaged unit preassembled and tested at Soren’s premises

– Melter model FO, for solid fats melting
– Process tank model PCSD for mix preparation
– Process tank model PC for product holding
– Swept surface Heat Exchanger model HD for pasteurization and crystallization
– CIP cleaning station
– Positive rotary pumps
– Centrifugal sanitary pumps

– Production capacity: 150 to 3000 Kg/h
– Heat treatment cycle: 50-85/145 -15/30°C