Dough dividing machine ROTAMAT EN

Automatic dough dividing and moulding machine for round and quadratic small baked goods

ROTAMAT EN is suitable for dividing and moulding of dough of various consistencies and recipes.

  • Two automatic processes
    – pressing and dividing
    – pressing, dividing and moulding
  • ROTAMAT EN can be adjusted with a single hand movement
  • Adjustable moulding intensity
    – Moulding height and moulding time can be adjusted appropriate to dough
  • Very exact dough portioning
  • Very exact dough weight
  • Very gentle dough handling
    – Even with long proofing, existing structures keep their shape
    – High quality products manufactured even with dough that has a low absorption rate
    – Optimum baking volume
  • Time saved thanks to automation
    – While ROTAMAT EN is working, you have time to do other things, for example preparing the next pressing plates
  • Takes up little space
    – Automation is now possible in the smallest bakery
  • Easy to clean
    – Hygienic
    – Knife blades are easy to install and remove
    – Easy-care, high-quality materials
  • Safety
    – During operation, a guard closes off the working area
    – If foreign bodies come between the worktable and the guard, operation is automatically stopped
  • More pressing plates
  • Classic roll dough
  • Mixed and special roll dough
  • Pretzel doughs
  • Doughnut doughs
  • Sweet doughs usual within the baking industry


  • 30 – 70 g
  • 30 pcs./press