Gusset type bag

The side gusset increases the cross section of the bag, thus increasing the filling volume compared to the tubular bag.

Folding reduces the width at the cross seam. Another positive effect is that the size of any outer packaging (folding boxes) may be reduced.

Printing should be avoided near the side pleats, however, since legibility is not good there. To compensate, the display area on the back may be increased by moving the central longitudinal seam to the side. This frees the entire back for printing on. This shape of bag is well-suited for re-packaging in folding boxes or flat packaging for pallets.

A further advantage is that the packaging machine for this type of bag is easy to configure for an upright bag type (see block bottom bag).

The manufacture of serially suspended bags (chain bags) with perforations for neat separation is also possible.

ModelFormat width 
 FlexiBag Bi/Bc 260260 mm 
 FlexiBag Bi/Bc 400400 mm