Handte EM Profi


  • Modular, user-friendly design to provide a high-end solution for high-efficiency emulsion (coolant) mist separation
  • The highest available collection efficiencies, plus the ability to run “24/7” for reduced maintenance, service ease and lower operating costs
  • No Leaks – guaranteed. German engineering and American manufacturing expertise result in premium quality products. We guarantee that our mist collectors will not leak
  • Multi-stage Filtration – We consistently achieve high separation performance by designing our filter materials to meet specific needs or to handle a given droplet spectrum. We do this through optimized, flow-engineered, multistage design

Handles the heaviest loads encountered in the industry to clean up contaminants generated during milling, drilling, tapping, turning, grinding and other machining processes that utilize emulsion mist coolants 
Type: Mist Collector 

 Minimum space requirement, maximum performance. System can be expanded in the future as needed. Short delivery time. Easy transport and installation 

Ground/platform versions with optional return pump station (for recirculating separated fluids). Filter module (contains main and final filter).Connection box for use with an external fan. Connection can be on left, right or rear side. Built-in fan in compact design enclosure with integrated sound insulation. Top mount fan