• Front reels loading
  • Machine with reduced sizes and higher output
  • Self-supported frame, clean and without holes
  • Standard stainless execution
  • Reel shaft expandable without toolings
  • Parallel sealings
  • Low inertia cams
  • Low maintenance and high durability cutting device
  • Remote tele assistance
  • Simplex machine
  • Continuous unwinding
  • Net electrical configuration
  • Formats memory programmed in recipe
Dimensions A B C D* E*
HB-10 1920 1400 870 2500 3420
*recommended minimum at the location of the machine. 
Dimensions: mm  
Filling stations
Maximum volume (1)
Outside reel diameter
Core reel diameter
Maximum output
Power consumption
Air consumption (2)
Minim. format
Max. format




110 cycles/min.




40 x 40


100 x 130

( 1 ) Depending on product, film, formats and final machine configuration.

( 2 ) Approx. data are for guidance only.

Effytec reserve the right to modify the machines due to ongoing technical development without prior notice.
1. Pneumatic fixation reel shaft6. Paralel vertical sealer
2. Compensating rollers7. Filling station
3. Film guide8. Upper sealing
4. Bottom sealing9. Cutting group
5. Mechanical opener10. Exit ramp