Two Rolls Pre-Refiners

The input products are semi-liquid fatty masses with an average particle size distribution of approximately 500μm (measured by micrometer) and containing less than 1% solid particles with a maximum size of approximately 4mm.
The output product is a homogeneous mix with an average particle size distribution of 120-220μm, measured by micrometer, suitable for being fed into the successive refining line.

The pre-refining technology of the HCP series gives important production advantages:
– Homogeneity in particle size distribution and fluidity of the chocolate mass
– Increase in productivity of the dosing and mixing line, thanks to the reduction of the mixing time
– Improved efficiency of refiners
– Simplicity and reliability of the electromechanical system for gap adjustment.
– HCP pre-refiners are easily integrated in the automated control system of the modern production lines.

Output: up to 8200 kg/h