Five Rolls Refiners

The product at the inlet is a pasty fat-based mass with an average particle size measurement of about 120÷220 μm (measured with micrometer).
The product at the outlet is a refined chocolate powder with an average particle size of 20 μm, (measured with micrometer and suitable to be fed to the subsequent conching line).
High efficiency main electric motor controlled by inverter, for increased outputs and processing of a wide range of mass consistencies.
Rolls nominal diameters allowing multiple re-grinding and compatible with HB, HF and HFE refiners.
New kinematic chain for shorter rolls disassembling time and improved accessibility.
Touch-screen control panel for the setting and monitoring of working parameters, recipes and alarms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

New fineness control micronsense available as optional
Stainless steel cover execution available as optional

Output: up to 1600 kg/h