Hi-Tec Polymer Deduster (PFC iSeries IPC)

Short for “In Process Control,” the IPC is an innovative machine including sophisticated engineering that affords unparalleled flexibility while meeting superior standards for output and quality of dedusting, metal detection, and Hi-precision In Process Control tester for measuring physical parameter of the product (accuracy: weight +/-0,1 mg, thickness +/-0,1 mm).

Additional Description:

Our iSeries have the capability to integrate a 2 parameters tablet tester that allows to take automatically samples from your production and to monitor continuously weight and thickness.

The results of the testing can be used to regulate your tablet press in a OEM configuration .

The “stand-Alone” version allows to monitor simpler or older tablet press that do not have the loop of regulation and may benefits from stand-alone tester allowing to generate alarms in case of product specifications violation and create automatically quality batch report.

This system offer an excellent price/efficient ratio.
Pharmacopea standard are includied in the product book.

Software is writted following CFR 21 part 11 guidance including several operator level and password protection.
Data can be collected on a USB stick in an unviolable manner.

Products to processTablets
Dedusting technologyVertical uphill with air jet
Air jetYes
Deburring optionYes
Conveyor materialFDA Hi-tec polymer spiral segment of 55mm
Capacity / SpeedHigh
Micro tablets Diam 2,5 mmNot available
Small Tablets Diam. 5 mmUp to 3.000.000.-Tabs/h
Medium Tablets Diam. 13 mmUp to 400.000.Tabs/h
Effervescent Tablets Diam. 20 mmUp to 125.000.Tabs/h
Small capsules T4Not available
Large capsules T0Not available
Interfacing / Connectivity 
Inlet Height 
Low LineNot available
Standard Line740 mm
High LineNot available
Available elevation heights500 / 750 / 1000 / 1250 / 1500 mm
Metal checkLock – Ceia
Diverter2 ways – 4 ways – Euro Pallet – Circular
Tester4 parameters Weight-Tickness-Hardness-Diameter
Operator Exposur LevelStandard “Dust Tight” to OEL 5
Noise levelLow emision Max. 72db(A)
GMP complianceYes
CE complianceYes
Cleaning and Dismantling 
Manual cleaningEasy access for cleaning / No tools required
Automatic cleaningNot available

A quarantine tablets or capsules buffering hopper is available to buffer products during the test intervals . 
Only good products will be released in the good product container. 
This will insure you that your products are fully tested at a precise time interval, and that the products are 100% in conformity with their physical specs. 
Pharma Technology PTC iSeries dedusting/deburring 316L stainless steel spiral is interchangeable on this mode