Ice Cream - Ice cream and desserts Process description of ice cream and desserts

The ice cream is an emulsion of water, sucrose, corn syrup, milk, fats (butter or vegetable), chocolate, fruits, emulsifier, stabilizer. 

The ingredients, metered with flow meters or weighed, are batched in the dissolver for mix preparation.

The mix is then transferred into a buffer tank , jacketed for hot water , from which it is pumped by continuous flow to the pasteurization, homogenization and cooling station. 

The cooled mix is then filled into the ageing tanks, jacketed for ice water circulation and equipped with slow agitator. Once the ageing time has been completed, the mix is transferred to the ice cream freezers, for the ice cream production. The bulk ice cream can be packed in different ways and processed in a hardening tunnel or directly stored in cold rooms at -18°C. 

The plant can be designed and exactly taylared for any unique technology and requirement of the client.

– Batch mix preparation; continuous processing for pasteurization, homogenization, ice cream production
– Different automation levels are designed according to particular needs.
– Production of all kinds of ice cream: stiff and dry for extruded products; smooth for cups, cones, bulk; soft and flowable for mold products.
– All equipment designed for CIP cleaning, no need to disassemble any parts.
– Automation accomplished through the use of PLC interfaced with a videographic system, is available to satisfactorily monitor the most complex processes.
– Packaged unit preassembled and tested at Soren’s premises.

– Dissolvers models ASA or CDDR
– Centrifugal sanitary pumps
– Homogenizer
– PHE – Plate heat exchanger
– Product tanks jacketed and equipped with agitator
– Freezer mod. CS, con compr. frigo incorporato.
– Freezer model CS
– CIP cleaning station
– Packing machines

– Mix capacity: 300 to 10,000 kg/h
– Daily max production capacity in 8 h: 2,400 to 80,000 Kg
– Pasteurizing cycle: 50-85-5°C