It is widely accepted that Metal Detectors are an integral part of almost all Food, Confectionery, Bakery, Snack processing and Pharmaceutical lines. Loma-Lock sets the industry standards in metal detection. Loma-Lock metal detectors find ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles. Loma-Lock systems can also be used to find ferrous metals while ignoring the non-ferrous metals, to indicate when there is iron contamination in the product.

Metal detection is born out of necessity and is unlikely to have occupied more than a fleeting thought in most manufacturers’ minds. Loma-Lock provides state-of-the-art Metal Detectors with advance Digital Control

For over 50 years Loma-Lock has supplied metal detectors to customer’s worldwide, providing reliable detection, day after day, in products as diverse as biscuits, chocolates, raw meat and prescription drugs.

LOMA-LOCK INSPECTION SYSTEMS is the world’s leading manufacturer of metal detection systems for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Packaging Industries. Faced with the challenge of developing an all new range of metal detectors for food manufacturing and packaging, Loma Lock‘s R&D team were handed a simple brief – design a product to set new standards for good manufacturing practice, efficiency, product quality, traceability and compliance with existing and forthcoming legislative and regulatory requirements.

Detection and removal of metal contamination from incoming raw materials and formulations prior to processing and manufacture

  • Unrivalled product and brand protection
  • Choice of multi-frequency search heads available from 30 to 1MHz
  • User-friendly operation including auto-setup INSIGHT metal detectors are available with a full range of systems and reject options including full fail-safe specific
  • ations comprised of reject confirmation, air failure alarm and bin full alarm
  • Compact design allows easy integration with all well known brands of inspection and packaging machinery
  • Data storage for up to 8000 events
  • Data reports can be downloaded to a standard memory stick or PC to enable the secure storage and distribution of quality records in PDF or other formats



Metal detection equipment needs to be installed at designated critical control points according to HACCP principles. Contamination from broken sieves, blades, bearings and damaged milling equipment will be detected at these stages.

High Sensitivity: Extremely resistant to vibration, the INSIGHTs Integrated Digital Search Head and sophisticated signal processing software is capable of filtering out even the most complex product signals in order to detect and reject minute fragments of metal. Locks unique coil design and signal processing capability offer particularly high sensitivity to stainless steel.

Fail-safe: Product integrity is fully protected by the INSIGHT during power fluctuation or interruption. “Test prompt” software ensures adherence to quality systems.

Hygiene: The INSIGHT range is sealed to IP69k/PW12 from approved materials which allow full wash down where required to provide necessary levels of cleanliness.


The INSIGHT HD range of metal detectors for the food and packaging industries sets new standards for good manufacturing practice – specifically – traceability, efficiency, product quality, and compliance with existing as well as forthcoming regulatory requirements.

To achieve these goals metal detection and signal processing take place in the compact INTEGRATED DIGITAL SEARCH HEAD. Sophisticated OPTIX detector management software uses Lock’s unique DDS (Direct Digital Signal) vector diagram to generate the detailed product profile needed to achieve perfect product set-ups. This guarantees detection and rejection of metal fragments in both conductive and on conductive product applications while achieving stable operation and market leading sensitivities to all metals.

The INSIGHT HD can be installed at various locations in the production line to inspect wrapped or unwrapped items prior to packing, in conformance with HACCP principles. Metal detector heads can be mounted on existing or 3rd party conveyors, or supplied on one of Locks custom designed systems. Lock conveyors can be configured to suit any application and they are available with a simple belt stop alarm or with a range of reject mechanisms. The optional Lock failsafe package complies with current codes of practice issued by the major food retailers and recognised regulatory and advisory organisations.

  • Integrated Digital Search Head and DDS vector display deliver perfect product setups
  • Stable to extreme vibration and product signal
  • Best in class sensitivity to magnetic and non magnetic metals
  • Optix – a powerful reporting and diagnostic software that clearly displays a detailed profile of your product for perfect set ups and timely reports
  • External USB port
  • Optional wired or wireless ethernet datalink port and SCADA capability
  • Menu with multi language options
  • User friendly operation with auto-learn feature
  • Available in single or multi-frequency format ranging from 30-875kHz
  • INSIGHT HD detector heads are sealed to IP69k/PW12*

The HDE series of multi-frequency detection search heads are designed to inspect products for metal contaminants in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.

They can be purchased as a search head that can be integrated into a larger packaging line or as a standalone conveyor unit with automatic reject stations.

This model comes complete with IP69K Rating and multiple product memories for rapid product change over and data storage to maximise product inspection times.

Working to a Code of Practice (COP)? – All Loma Machines can be spec’d to the latest COP’s of your choice from M&S to Sainsbury’s. Learn more about the codes of practices and what it means for your business.

  • Reject options available for full systems including; Pusher, Air Blast, Carriage Retract Band, Stop on Detect
  • Made with 304 stainless steel
  • Specifications to suit different Retail Codes of Practice
  • Meat, Poultry & Fish
  • Bakery
  • Dairy and Egg Products
  • Confectionery & Snack Foods
  • Dried Foods,
  • Sweets
  • Yogurts
  • Bread
  • Cereals & Grains
  • Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts
  • Other Food & Beverages