Megalam MD14, MX14, MG14-GEL


  • Compliant to VDI 6022
  • Microbial inert components acc. to ISO 846
  • Tested for Food Contact acc. to EC 1935:2004
  • Free of bisphenol-A, phthalate and formaldehyde
  • Chemically resistant to inactivation and cleaning procedures

 HEPA filter for clean rooms and LAF benches 

 Pleated Panel 

 Anodized aluminium 

Silicone Gel 

Glass fiber 

 Hot Melt 


Expanded metal painted (RAL 9010) 

 Expanded metal painted (RAL 9010) 

Rec. final pressure drop: 2x Initial pressure drop 

 2x Initial pressure drop 

MD: 500 Pa, MX: 600 Pa, MG: 800 Pa 

Nominal flow rate (if not, efficiency drops) 



 Individually scantested acc. EN 1822:2009 with protocol and packed in PE-foil. Compliant with ProSafe requirements. Other editions on request 

UL 900