Rotary depositors

Suitable for “points”, “ribbon”, “OneShot points” and “OneShot ribbon” dosings. 

Rotor servo-controlled rotation allows to dose the exact quantities of chocolate and cream filling.
Stator add rigidity to the rotor, to grant high dosing accuracy and protect the machine’s housing from the abrasive corrosion of fondant fillings in the dosing products
Valve open position allows chocolate to flow through the bottom plates.
Through the bottom plates the chocolate flows down to the dosing plate

Speed: up to 36 moulds/min

• Touch screen
• Single or double, fixed or mobile head versions available
• Extractable as a standard for easy cleaning
• Stainless steel tank/rotor/stator/valves
• No gaskets needed
• Stand alone version available
• It can be easily integrated on new or existing plants (even if not CM-OPM)