Continuous-motion moulding lines

Its modular construction allows:
• Highly reliable and efficient machines
• Short delivery time
• Quick installation and faster production start-up
• Easy accessibility to all the plant’s parts for cleaning and maintenance
• Low-cost maintenance
• High durability components
• Fast and easy format change

• Easy future extension of the line and/or introduction of new units
• Energy savings
• Electronically programmable recipes
• Easy management of a wide variety of technologies
• Smooth and precise mould transfer with patented mould carrier with pins
• Possibility to insert standard piston-moulding depositors, CORE™  depositor and rotary-moulding depositors
• Poligonal demoulding for an absolute smooth product transfer
• Total reliability and high efficiency typical of the continuous moving equipment
• Possibility to manufacture customized lines adaptable to the final users’ requirements
• Mould transport completely servo-driven

• Stainless steel tubular framework
• Stainless steel cladded doors and panels directly fixed on the plant frames with food grade rubber closed gaskets 
• Transparent polycarbonate heavy thick panels for acoustic insulation
• Use of corrosion resistant material like stainless steel, anodized aluminum and food-grade plastics
• Easy cleaning of the entire line

Safety and ergonomic design:
• Complete perimeter guarding
• Effective sound insulation
• User-friendly HMIs

Efficiency and reliability:
• 24/7 operation design
• Long durability
• Easy change-overs
• Limited down-time recipe change

Easy maintenance:
• First class electronic components without black-box units

Energy saving features:
• Thick and efficient thermal insulation
• Constant research to reduce the energy consumption

Speed: up to 70 moulds/min