Electronic Rotary depositors

Suitable for “points”, “ribbon”, “OneShot points” and “OneShot ribbon” dosings.
To dose center-filled articles with two fillings, decorated shells or assortments of center-filled pralines with different colours. Equipped with three or more dosing heads with independent jacketed hoppers and temperature controls and adjustable dosing height to allow multi-layer dosing.
The servo-controlled mould lifting group guarantees the accurate filling of the mould cavity and a precise tail cutting.
All rotors and valves are driver by Brushless servo-motors, to assure high dosing accuracies.


Speed: up to 36 moulds/min

• Touch screen
• Single or double, fixed or mobile head versions available
• Extractable as a standard for easy cleaning
• Stainless steel tank/rotor/stator/valves
• No gaskets needed
• Stand alone version available
• It can be easily integrated on new or existing plans (even if not CM-OPM)