• Higher flexibility
  • Short circuit for solid and one-shot articles
  • Easy extension
  • Fast and easy change format
  • Custom lines to the final users requirement

Key Features

Same modules different functions and all details are already defined:

Ø Short delivery times for standard moulding lines

Ø Fast erection and start up

Ø easy extension

Ø Core depositor

Ø Shell forming

Ø Fast shell with easy extractable head

ØTraditional shell forming with chocolate hopper & belt extractable

Ø Doors in both side equipped with micro switches

Ø Doors in both side protected by barrier laser

The new line is designed to facilitate maintenance and cleaning

Modules completely closed by:

Ø  350 mm floor clearance

Ø Base floor completely flat easily cleanable)

Ø Base floor in stainless steel

Ø Transparent celing (product protected by foreign bodies)

Ø Fully openable doors in both side

Ø No painted parts

Ø Doors fully transparent in both side all around the plant

Ø Noisy modules can be equipped with special doors with windows

Speed: up to 32 moulds/min