Soft Confectionery

Deposing has many advantages over more traditional methods for producing soft confectionery products such as jelly, toffee, fondant and fudge. It is also by far the best method for a new generation of high-fruit snacks.

The versatility of depositing enables a wide range of soft products to be created, many of which would not be possible with the old processes. Precisely defined stripes or layers, with or without soft centre-fills, add interest and variety and present endless product development possibilities.

Depositing is also a very efficient process, with low labour and energy requirements as well as minimal waste. It is particularly suited to products that are subsequently enrobed, as the individual pieces can be optimally spaced on the enrober infeed.


High quality, high efficiency and high output, plus greater product variety, are the main reasons for choosing Baker Perkins’ integrated toffee cooking and depositing systems over traditional processes.

High quality is achieved by a cooking system that develops the right texture and flavour followed by continuous depositing into silicone or metal moulds at final moisture. This creates confectionery pieces that are consistent in shape and weight, with a smooth surface finish: no air bubbles and minimal distortion. The cooking system cooks and caramelizes the syrup in separate processes, giving completely independent control over colour, flavour, moisture and texture

Efficiency comes from continuous production in a system integrated from ingredient feeding to cooled product. Low scrap rates, minimal labour requirements and negligible downtime keep unit costs extremely low, and the consistent size, shape and weight contribute to high levels of wrapping efficiency. Perfectly regimented discharge for chocolate enrobing is another significant benefit.

Baker Perkins’ toffee cooking and depositing systems may be specified to produce the full range of traditional toffees and caramels with recipes ranging from budget to premium. The systems also extend process capability to a range of products that cannot be made by any other method. White toffee can be coloured and flavoured, as well as striped and swirled. Traditional brown toffee may be enhanced with chocolate, nuts, or jam centre-fills in a perfectly-shaped outer. Outputs can reach 1.3 tonnes/hour – 3,600 pieces per minute.

Toffee & Caramel

Fondant & Fudge