Termikfil 2000


  • Meets FDA requirements
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature 350ºC, efficiency 99,99% at 0,3 μm
  • Ceramic frame
  • Exclusive precuring process at 300ºC carried out in the plant
  • Efficiency tested after precuring

 Protection of ultra-clean processes at high temperature, sterilisation tunnels in the pharmaceutical industry 

High temperature HEPA filter 

 Composite ceramic

Toroidal sealing ring 

 Glass fiber



 Stainless steel 

Stainless steel 

 A stainless steel adaptor frame can be supplied to reach the thickness of 150mm or 292mm 

> 99.99% @ front velocity 0.9m/s 

10-4 maximum,(0.01% acc. FDA) after the 1st heating cycle on site following Camfil procedure 

 since full running condition in customer equipment are not able to be fully described, Camfil is not able to guarantee further to the 1st heating cycle on site 

To reduce fume emission when starting up, TERMIKFIL undergoes a specific precuring cycle in the factory at 300ºC using an exclusive CAMFIL process 

Prequalified with an exclusive burn-in procedure, which significantly reduces system start-up time, the Termikfil outperforms other high-temperature filters.

  • Manufactured of ceramic-based materials to ensure resistance to high temperatures and limit performance degradation.
  • Framed with a sealing method, using an element constructed of an exclusive polymineral material, and providing leak-free performance when properly mounted to filter sealing surfaces.
  • Equipped with a unique, high-temperature, micro-fine glass media ensuring uniform absolute filter performance throughout the life of the filter.
  • Factory-tested and certified to an efficiency of 99.99% on particles 0.3 micron in size. Media Protection Grilles: a stainless-steel face grid is installed on both the air entering and air exiting sides of the filter.
  • Pretreated and prequalified during the manufacturing process, with an exclusive heat preparation cycle (572º F, 300º C). This process ensures that the filter is completely stabilized in dimensions and performance. Other filters require a long temperature break-in cycle, which adds additional maintenance expense, and creates costly manufacturing downtime.
  • Filter construction component gases and fumes are released during this pretreatment procedure, ensuring that the filter will not contribute contamination to the manufacturing process.
  • United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to Guideline on Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing.