Double-Sided Tablet Press

The XL 800 is the highest output tablet press in the world, offering a single-layer and bi-layer capability. The exchangeable turret design permits the production of any tablet size on a single machine.  The unique mechanical design isolates vibration in the compression zone to permit the lowest noise operation, even at the higher press speeds and compression forces. The XL 800 is a proven, reliable workhorse for high volume, 24/7 operation

The XL 800 offers the highest output capability with the largest turret and feeding length of any machine in its class. The machine offers a 100 kN precompression and main compression capability, 120 RPM press speed capability, and a maximum output of 1,000,000 single-layer tablets per hour.

The XL 800 is designed to run at high speed. The long feeder lengths, smooth cam tracks, and the compression dwell bar all combine to permit maximum throughput without any compromise on product quality.

The XL 800 enables the production of single-layer tablets, bi-layer tablets and tablets with special parameters, such as a large diameter or a deep fill.

The XL 800 offers an exchangeable turret design that permits the removal of the entire turret, including the upper cam track, upper punches, and dies.

The design concept of the XL-Series, with the multi-function column at the rear of the machine, and the carrier plate design which eliminates the need for corner columns around the compression zone – offers optimal access for machine set-up, cleaning, changeover, and maintenance.

Extremely user-friendly and fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, the control system offers password login, press force control, single-tablet rejection, product recipe, event log, reject log, alarm history and full network connectivity.

The unique and patented design of the carrier plate, with pneumatic dampers, fully isolates vibration from the head piece and machine base. The result is an extreme reduction in operating noise level, even with high compression forces and high press speeds (< 80 dB(A)).