High Speed Double Rotary Press

The XT 600 combines key features from proven KORSCH technology with a simple, modular, and cost-efficient design to offer a new standard in high-volume production equipment.  The robust and elegant design features a simplified and streamlined platform for both semi-attended and fully automated production. The completely redesigned control system interface combines an intuitive HMI environment with an unprecedented level of on-line help and assistance to advise the user in every aspect of the machine operation. A 19-inch touch screen display supports gestures to permit move, zoom, and scroll functions to simplify and enhance the user experience.
The XT 600 is a workhorse for high volume, 24/7 operation. It offers a 100 kN pre and main compression capability, 100 RPM press speed capability, and a maximum output of 1,000,000 single-layer tablets per hour. The XT 600 has the flexibility to produce both single and bi-layer tablets.  A bi-layer conversion kit can be adapted to the machine at any time.

The unique and patented design of the carrier plate fully isolates noise and vibration from the base frame and head piece of the XT 600.  The result is an extreme reduction in operating noise level (< 80 dB(A)).o.

The exchangeable turret is designed for fast removal and installation and permits maximum output to be obtained for all tablet shapes and sizes. The new turret design permits the manual removal of the entire turret, including upper and lower cam track as well as press tools.

The XT 600 provides full accessibility to the compression zone, simple assembly and quick-disconnect components. The new Multi-Function Channels (corner columns) provide full access to wiring and dust extraction hoses, which are isolated from the compression zone. The XT 600 offers both 60 kN and 100 kN compression stations with full accessibility for maintenance, since the back panel of the station can be opened.

The new machine features a modern ”SIMOTION” control system based on a standard Windows platform. The HMI is a complete new design that uses WinCC V13 and features a user friendly structure and extensive online help capability, including procedures, troubleshooting, and direct access to support documents.

An innovative feeder design permits precise and simplified adjustment of the feeder gap. Available with a 2-chamber or 3-chamber variable speed feeder, or a gravity feeder, the XT 600 offers an extended feeder length to maximize feeder dwell time.

XT 600