Production & Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage Industries, and High Quality Equipment for Power Sector Industry

“We believe in innovation & creativity, hard work, customer’s utmost satisfaction, consistency and gradual growth!!!”

Our company was founded and established by Azmat Sheikh in the year 1958. It was the goal and the vision of his son, Kamran Sheikh where he initiated and developed his own business providing Processing and Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage Industries and high quality equipment for Power Sector Industry. Being operated by the third generation, the company’s major activities include imports, and distribution of Pharma, Food & Beverage Production and Packaging Machinery. All of our Machinery are acquired from the top of the line European based manufacturers.

Having accomplished a wide range of customer base, the company practices most modern and advanced sales & marketing techniques.

The utmost motive of the company is to excel in providing the best solutions for our customers in fulfilling all their wants and needs. Furthermore, we provide After-Sales-Support for the customers where required is supported by our highly trained Engineers from Europe.

“We are not satisfied until you are!!!!!!”

At Friend Corporation, we value our customers’ relationship more than any aspect of our business as we know that our continued growth and success determined by their level of satisfaction. We believe in strengthening our current long term relationships and building new ones.

We look forward to receiving your valuable inquiries.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kind regards,

Kamran Sheikh