Instant pasta: the new global market

Food for a changing world

The consumption of ready meals is increasingly growing in the world. Time is less and less, thus quick meals are getting more and more necessary. The problem is that this kind of food is not healthy

Pasta is healthy

Pasta is certainly a healthy food and its consumption has been widely increasing. Vegans, vegetarians, health enthusiasts ..everyone eats it….Although it has always been necessary cooking pasta and its sauce. Until now…

Instant Pasta: tasty and ready in 3 minutes

Healthy ingredients, suitable for every taste. From vegetables to meat, all kind of sauces are available. You just need some hot water and … it’s ready in 3 minutes.

Trust us for your Instant Pasta production

You can produce Instant pasta using our lines for dry pasta: Omnia line, short pasta line. Thanks to our technology you will get a top quality product. We will take care of the sauces too: choose your production, the rest is our job.

Production line

Thanks to our patented technologies, such as Premix® or the special screws, the dough is perfectly hydrated, creating an excellent product. Pick the line which suits your needs between Omnia line and Short pasta line. Alternatively, you can manufacture Instant Couscous using the Couscous line.


We have developed a gelatinization system able to get an extremely homogeneous final product. That means the quality of the product is much better when rehydrated.


The drying process takes place in static cells for small productions (up to 400 kg/h) or in a continuous dryer for larger productions (up to 2000 kg/h). Our plants have been best seller in the world for many years and our reliable technologies are the results of endless improvements and investments.

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The packaging can be made in bags or cups. Moreover, you can mix together pasta and sauce or keep them apart to be blended together later when preparing your meal. In any case our solutions take care of the whole process.

Ready sauces

The sauce is an essential ingredient for the success of the product. It is a dehydrated mixture that, after adding some water, becomes a ready sauce to go well with your pasta. Thanks to its network, only Storci can offer assistance for creating a bespoke sauce according to your specific needs. Gluten- and allergen-free condiments can be made as well.

Taste, health and quality

The dry sauce supplied is a very high quality product, natural, with no flavour enhancers and allergens. All this without neglecting the taste; our condiments are very tasty, besides being natural. First try and then trust.

Taste, health and quality

You can choose between a tailor-made assistance or in-house condiments production supporting service; or alternatively, a supply of condiments expressly made in Italy for you, using the recipes you like (either existing or new ones, especially created and based on your needs.)